Wellbeing: An incredible resource!

Wellbeing: An incredible resource!

Wellbeing, hm? I bet you head a lot about his, but believe me: THIS is the most valuable thing you will ever hear about!


I have a question. Hands up for whom has, at least once in their lives, heard the following: “You need to eat high quality foods in order to ensure your wellbeing”.


You did? Yeah, me too. Cliche? Yes, unfortunately, already this line no longer impresses anyone.


But the thing is, our body is a system, with input and output. What you feed it is what you’ll grow. Put toxins, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs in it.. And you wonder why so many people deal with obesity? Why roughly 80% of deaths are heart-diseases (stats from the US)? No wonder our hearts get overwhelmed! Talk about focus on wellbeing? Rather… survival!


So the first thing is being informed. But you don’t need me to tell you that good food is good for you and bad food is bad for you.

You already know that.


I do know that, for quite a while. And even if I am committed to eating clean, fresh and in moderate amounts, sometimes, I get carried away by too-easy-to-make choices which include too much sugar and fat in the same plate or too much salt and fried food in the same dish. Or in the same weekend (just coming from one – I am sugar sick!). Here we come to the second thing, which is: being committed to yourself and applying the information to your day to day choices. Harder to do, right? I mean, what’s so dramatic in having and extra slice of cake, a few extra candies, a half more portion of fries, some more steak for dinner (because it’s a pity to leave it, such a good food!) Sounds familiar?


Well… Let’s be honest. At some point in our lives, each one of us has come to the point where you simply NEED to eat clean. Perhaps it’s because you need to take it easy after some digestive problems. Maybe you need to recover post surgery. Or your doctor told you that your colon/heart/blood vessels cannot take you any longer if you “abuse” them. And you began perceiving food differently and eating differently. Good for you! Keep up the good work!


But the vast majority of us didn’t go through some life-challenging situation (nor need we, please!) We need that SOMETHING, to make us want to start doing what is good for our health. That something which is so powerful, that you only make a shift once, then you no longer go back. How can we find such a powerful turnaround?


Well, I have found something. It worked for me, and I hope it will work for as many people as possible! It came when I was open to find or receive something about my physical and mental state.  Physically, I was feeling overwhelmed and I would become tired very easily, and mentally – I seemed to have lost my edge. I had gaps in my memory, I didn’t found my words when talking, I even made mistakes in using words correctly. And I was wondering.. WTF?? It is very easy to blame this on the post-partum body changes, but months and months passed, and I was growing more tired. 


Then, one day, I found an answer. I received an email with with a recommendation for an interview, one of the most listened to interviews in Hay House World Summit. And in my arrogance, I thought ‘Who is this guy, I’ve never heard of him?… and I’ve read a lot on personal development” I almost dismissed the information, because of.. Stupidity, you see?


Listening to the interview, I was very intrigued. This man had an approach to nutrition and wellness I had never heard of. It was not your usual: “eat less, eat more vegetables, give up your soda and your fries”. Oh, no! The information is OUTSTANDING and in world premiere! It unveils the secret behind mysterious illnesses, like autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, mental fog  (ring ring ring for me), Alzheimer’s, menopause disorders, post-partum difficulties, cancer, and so many more conditions that take your wellbeing out the window!  Immediately, I went and searched for his two books: Medical Medium and Life Changing Foods.

(Later edit: since I wrote this post, the continuation of this information was published in the third Medical Medium Book, which I covered in this post).

I purchased the first one, Medical Medium. I had this belief, you see, that the core message an author delivers, it’s strongest in the first book he writes, the other having a.. Well… diluted message. I mean, what can be said about wellbeing that is so lengthy? And at that point I thought I will not need to buy the second book, because anyway about 80% will be found in the first, right? Well, WRONG! Again, in my stupidity, allowing such prejudice made me wait another couple of weeks for long distance shipping of the second: Life Changing Foods.


Let me tell you this, you need to read it now, perhaps you don’t have the patience to follow through. I have to make this service to the humanity:


Read Medical Medium, people! If you need to read anything about wellbeing in this lifetime, read Medical Medium by Anthony William.


Now, let me tell you something about this and why it is worth every second of your time, dedicating attention to it. Anthony William is guided by Spirit since the age of four, when he correctly diagnosed his grandmother with lung cancer (as confirmed afterwards). Just like that, going towards her, at the family dinner table, and pointing to her grandmother, giving her the news.


He receives constant communication from Spirit regarding the true state of health and wellbeing of everybody around him: people, animals, the state of this Planet and also, the state of things, such as cars. From the same source, he also was taught about the healing power of foods available to us, that heal us. Only by integrating them into our diet, they heal us!


First of all, you will finally get a deeper understanding of what is behind the modern illnesses. What is the root cause. There are 4 main causes, which Anthony William calls “the unforgiving four”: radiation, heavy metals (toxic of course), the viral explosion (yes, viruses, and no, not your regular flu virus) and DDT . Most of the cases these factors are worsening our health, causing a lot of symptoms for which most doctors around the globe don’t even have the correct diagnostic.


This author is not recommending any particular diet, he is not preaching you to eat vegetarian or vegan (even if he points out that this is better for the human body), he understands how hard it is for us, regular people, to respect all the guidelines for a strictly speaking, correct nutrition. He shows that, if you have to make a not-so-good food choice, add some green leafs, some super foods!


Another remarkable point in Anthony William’s work is the EDUCATION about fruits. You may have heard in other sources how the sugar in fruits is not the same  as the processed sugar. Well, the information he provides is SUBSTANTIALLY more advanced. How specific fruits help us with specific conditions and body needs. What symptoms they can alleviate? What illnesses they can help reverse? That was a shocking information to me.


Some other thing I very much appreciate is the information has structure. I mean, you can actually follow the concepts and explanation from end to end. You don’t need to read the whole book to understand a specific page you are reading about. Simply finishing the chapter will leave you way richer in information then you were when you barely started reading.


This is why, for your own good, please, do read this book. Then come back and tell me it wasn’t the best spent hours (and few bucks) of your life!


All the best!