Top 3 effective resources to start using today that help you forgive and free yourself from resentment!

Top 3 effective resources to start using today that help you forgive and free yourself from resentment!

Top 3 effective resources to start using today that help you forgive and free yourself from resentment


This is a huge topic in the world of personal development simply because it is a huge step in our transformation. A life changing thing to do in our journey.

Why is it so big deal? Because it is hard. Thinking about mom, or dad, a sibling or an ex that caused us so much suffering makes us believe that we’re never going to be able to finally let go.

Yet, it is possible. Not just saints and people who have returned from retreats in Tibet have managed to forgive the people that hurt them. People like you and me did.

Why? A strong motivation. The fact that, holding grudge, at some point, becomes too much. It is dragging heavy weight on your soul.

And you simply decide, one day, that deciding to forgive is something you do for yourself

That you want to forgive them.

That, in time, you allow yourself to get over it.

You allow to build a new paradigm in your life, getting past that resentment.


I must admit that I’ve found one cold December day, in a library, a title that went straight to my heart. At that time, I was in so much emotional turmoil, that it physically hurt, in my chest. It was during the on/off phase of a relationship that brought me sooo many lessons!


And that title spoke to me. It said: Feelings buried alive never die… by Karol K Truman.

I starting reading it that very night. In tears! Tears and sobs and relief! I really felt like I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


I recommend this book with all my heart. It offers a great start in finding yourself, exploring the depths of your being and getting a bit your shadow side out of the closet. It is easy to go through, and the book offers you the chance to actually name those feelings that burden you. You get to identify your state. Also, the book offers a tool for converting the negative feelings into a more positive perspective. With dedication to yourself, it can be a breakthrough!


The fact that the book Feelings buried alive never die was published in 1991 makes it “a classic”, and having passed the test of time proves that it is written in a way that generations have found it useful!


The second resource I came across is one of the most famous works on emotional healing there are out there: You can heal your life, by Louise L Hay. A friend of mine recommended it to me, while talking about books that have changed our lives. It was totally worth the time! As I was reading the pages I had repeated Aha moments! In fact, almost every page was: I knew it! I thought I was crazy, but I was not! They said I am weird, but it’s true, in fact!

I will refer to You can heal your life repeatedly, in many materials, because it is extremely revealing and applicable. Most of all, this book is primarily saying that managing to forgive is like unloading burden from your life, in order to become healthy and well again.

It’s like having a super wise aunt talking to you. Maybe that is too little said. It is like having the village’s shaman talking to you, if you want! If you’re not going to buy it as we speak right now, you will totally meet this book at the relevant time in your life!

It is full of information that you might have thought of, but dismiss for being too “dramatic”. Or being just crazy. Buy Louise Hay had the courage to say it and she had to self publish in order for her thoughts to reach people. In fact, she knew her ideas were too radical for the time and she didn’t wanted to soften the message only to be approved by a publisher.


If this information is for you, if forgiveness is something you need… you’ll look it up. It will be immensely valuable! May you find inspiration and joy!