Top 5 books that you need to read in this lifetime

Top 5 books that you need to read in this lifetime

Top 5 books that you need to read in this lifetime – in my opinion, of course.


I am a compulsive reader. I love the state of trance when reading something really fascinating and eye opening and heart warming and empowering! Also, I like the fact that books change lives. It’s a fact that having access to books  (even when I didn’t had the money to buy them and I was a regular at the public library) has helped me upgrade my life.


By upgrade I mean a broader understanding of life, the ability to move beyond setbacks and disappointments, and the ability to constantly improve the level of personal wealth. I have had very little, I have gotten into debt, I have managed to make enough to pay my debt and now, I continue to build a self sustaining life. And believe me, books have, many times, played the role of the wise grandpa I wish I had (never met any of them, both gone before my birth).


Reading with curiosity and the playfulness to adopt into your life the newly acquired knowledge will take you far. In the long run, though. (Although, there is such a thing as instant enlightenment, I will mention an example below, but I believe there is no recipe for that. You, as a whole being, are closer or farther from the potential of reaching the awakening). For the vast majority of us, there are countless resources that, brick by brick, play the role of building material for the best people we can be.


What’s wonderful about reading books is that it’s not a chore. And if you perceive it that way, better stop reading. Reading is a way to relax in itself. But if you got this far with viewing this article, you are a reader 🙂


So here it is, the top 5 books to read in a lifetime, by me:


1.You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay: this is mandatory to read, especially if you are not living in a bliss and don’t necessarily have money for therapy. Louise shows you how to be you own therapist. It will make you weep with relief while reading it. Very shortly, she explains how every condition in our life: relationships, physical state (health or illness), the wealth we have amassed are results of our own thinking. (I wrote more about it here).

2. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. You will love every page! And you will wish you had read this earlier in life! This is a nearly 700 page compilation of transcripts of Tim Ferris’ podcast (which exceeded 200,000,000 downloads at the time I am writing this). And for people passionate about personal growth and development, this is like a Bible. More than 200 guests: performers, icons, billionaires have shared their habits, routines and tips on how to be more productive, how to attain a better health or how to increase your understanding of life, including tips on meditation. What can I say? It’s phenomenal! Only to remember a few, it has Tony Robbins, James Altucher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malcom Gladwell, Gen. Stan McChrystal,  Alain de Botton… a crazy mix. I wrote a full post about this resource here.

3. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. This is a book for skeptics, because it is based on significant research and the conclusions of the author are based on extensive studies, not just his observation. This book is so well written and documented that it can take you out of deep trances. What I mean by that? I mean that it literally allowed me to pull out from the dizziness of being in love with trouble (with a person, actually, but trouble summarizes well the experience). It allows you to have a different perspective over life, a very helpful one. You can step out of limiting patterns and it explains how the way you react (especially in tense situations) is impacting your relationships, career and why the most successful people are the ones that are not impulsive.

4. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. You may have hear references in various places with the tagline “be present”, “be here now”, “be in the present moment”. Well, this is a book that will open the door towards the being within. You need silence to enjoy this. Take the book, take a highlighter, a cup of tea and stay and enjoy your moment with yourself. It is deeply revealing. Eckhart Tolle is a person that had an enlightening experience and became “awake” to the truth. It is hard to put such complex content into simple words that you’ll read in a rush.

5. Worthy, by Nancy Levin. I dedicated a post on this subject because it is something we desperately need to improve about ourselves: the perception of our own worthiness to receive in life: appreciation, recognition, respect in relationships and, of course, wealth as compensation for our work. Nancy Levin wrote a material that is extremely applicable. It’s like you have a very experienced coach going you through a transformation program. You need to give yourself the gift of reading and working through Worthy. She has other valuable resources too, check them out on


As I was writing this I was reviewing in my head all the books I had read.. I wouldn’t give up on any of those. Each has taught me something. But these ones.. Are the ones that meant a real breakthrough. I included only books from the self-help/ personal development category. Why? Because, in my opinion, the goal of every book is to inspire and add value to the life of the reader. And those 5 books do that in amazing ways.


It is true that the same thing can be put down in words by different authors with very disparate effect on various people. This is why millions of books have been published, purchased and acclaimed. Because we are different and what speaks to me might not have the same effect on you.


I want to hear your top 5 books. Which books have impacted your life to the point that you could recommend it to anyone as being the must read for this  lifetime? Leave your comment below!


All the best!