Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss – a “Bible” for self improvement

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss – a “Bible” for self improvement

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris – I dare to say all the tools you will ever need in this life

Tools of Titans is almost like a Bible. Massive! A lengthy book and also a very comprehensive one. I insist to insert here a photo of me reading it. Actually, posing about reading it and bragging on social media, at the time. Later, I started actually applying in my life. Tim Ferriss says this is the book he’s wanted to read his entire life – and he became the one to write it.

So why the praise about the author? This is not your regular self help author, neither your regular successful classical. Maybe you didn’t hear of him so far. Or maybe you heard about the fashionable lifestyle the 4 hour workweek? He introduced it to the main public, the “4 Hour Workweek” book being released in 2007 and bringing inspiration to so many people. Then, it created the “lifestyle design” movement. What is that? People around the world started testing the principles in the book and offering their own experience as case studies.

That’s a book with a totally different approach to life vs. what we are taught in school. I’ve covered in a different post about what else is out there besides going to school, getting good grades, getting a job, getting loans to buy what you want and working until old age to pay off your youth.

Back to Tools of Titans. If Tim Ferriss is not your average self-help writer, this is not your regular book. It is a collection of, you may say, transcripts of the awesome podcasts of Tim with his guests – you can check it out on his official page

So why all this praise, again? Because in this book you will find an amazing collection of tips&tricks used by some of the most successful people you heard of.  And what is super valuable to this book is the fact that the tools are totally applicable to your day to day life! It’s not a collection of vague thoughts or metaphors (although it has some of those, too), but it is very structured. You don’t have to head it cover to cover to get the message, you can pick anything you like; a topic is regularly under 10 pages long. Also, the table of contents is organised under three major themes: Part 1: Healthy, Part 2: Wealthy and Part 3: Wise. Also, there are some non-profile chapters that are some of the best ideas Tim has to offer to humanity.

I dare to say we should receive this book for study in school, maybe around 14-15 or after starting the first real job. Also, ANYBODY can find at least a few topics to resonate with and to improve some area of interest. I even chose this as one of Top 5 books to read in a lifetime (by me).

Further on, I will give some examples of my favorite parts, that I have underlined and highlighted so far.

From the chapter with Seth Godin: “I [Seth] think we need to teach kids two things: 1) how to lead and 2) how to solve interesting problems. […] there are plenty of countries on Earth where there are people who are willing to be obedient and work harder for less money than us. So we cannot out-obedience the competition.

From the chapter with Chade-Meng Tan, a tool on meditation to uplift your spirit. Believe me, it’s humbling: so simple and so powerful. “During working hours or school hours, randomly identify two people who walk past you or who are just sitting next to you. Secretly wish for them to be happy. Just think to yourself ‘I wish for this person to be happy’. That’s the entire practice. Don’t do anything, don’t say anything; just think”.

A simple trick from Tim, on the chapter “5 Morning Rituals that Help me Win the Day”, is making your bed. Yep. That simple. Here’s why. (He quotes also Naval Admiral William McRaven: “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. […]Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter”. […] “The goal is visual tidiness, not Four Seasons. […] If you see an external distraction (speaking personally), you end up creating an internally distracted state.” This is small, yes. But it made me feel like yeeey! I’m not a crazy annoying housewife when I care so much about this! It’s true! It has meaning!

.. And so much more. I could write an entire blog with quotes and how what I found has impacted me. But this is the beauty of the fact that we are unique beings. What works for me, might not impress you and the other way around.

So, if you have read at least a bit of Tool of Titans, what stood out for you? What’s your favourite?

All the best!