Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra


I must begin this post with a quote that appeared in my head when I felt I needed to share this book with you. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo.


Why this quote? Let me tell you a story…


Several years ago, one cold December afternoon, it was on the 30th-31st, I was at work. In the office, very few people left, those who had no family or friends to cater to in the New Year’s Eve. Since it was quiet and my phone and mail were not very demanding, I decided to clean my desk. And in the last drawer of my office, at the very bottom of a stack of papers, was… what do you think? A folder with the printed book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  by Deepak Chopra.


Wow! One of my best friends had given me the ebook as a gift no earlier than four years back!!! And I had printed it, tried to read it – understood nothing – probably decided it is a bad book  and felt a pity to throw away a book, so I kept it. And added invoices, contracts, printed presentations on top, year after year. I cleaned my desk of old papers and tossed them every 6 months or so, and this had miraculously escaped…


Now, I put it in my bag and took it with me. It was calling me LOUD! Why? Because this time, I felt an urge to read it!!


This time I was prepared. My soul was ready to unveil to my conscious self the wisdom withheld in those pages. I read it the very same evening, before preparing to go out at 23:30 on a New Year party. This is why I started with the Victor Hugo quote: I HAD TO read it then. I felt relieved!!! While reading it and realising that… yey! I’m not a weird person! These things I had a hunch about DO exist! There is such a thing as mission in life! There is such a thing as paying for what you did (karma)!


Now, for those of you that are a bit more advanced with what I call “Spiritual knowledge”, the title may seem easy; maybe lacking value because it seems so.. Commercial and accessible, right? I had this prejudice about other titles, and I decided to give it a short, every time. Wise decision, otherwise, I would have lost.


This book is a precious summary of thousands of pages filled with wisdom that you will encounter in your life. The thing is, when you start with a good introduction, you know what to look for and what to relate to in your following sources, right? This IS GOLD for beginners, and for those of you who came to the point of appreciating complexity, I have found a similar source in Diana Cooper’s book, A little light on the spiritual laws, which are not seven, but 30 something (I still haven’t finished it, I will go on and review it once I do).


So, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success was written in 1993 and for nearly 25 years, has been a source of inspiration to many! It is very needed for us in this times when we are trying to figure out why we are here, what are we supposed to do with our lives and… where to start.


The book is in the category pocketbook, you it is very easy to go through. I don’t want to develop too much on the content, so I don’t spoil it, but top 3 ideas that I LOVED to hear from a respectable source:


  1. There is such a thing as a karma, or the law of cause and effect. Yes, there is that automatic recorder that sees and knows everything you do and you will be rewarded for it (both in a positive and corrective way). It is not that someone is trying to punish you, it’s rather a mirror of your own INTENTION, coming back at you. This is why, rather not do good deeds if you feel irritated about doing them or not doing it with a whole heart, because what is coming back to you is something of the same you’ve put in it.


2. Yeeey, finally somebody speaking about our purpose in life! Ok, it exists, maybe that you knew already, but what I found is that it is revealed to the individual AFTER passing certain “readiness tests’” You have to be prepared, trained, to receive the assignment of pursuing your mission in this lifetime. Which test? Mastering the other 6 laws! Which are the laws? Read the book 🙂


  1. The law of least effort. Wow, this was new to me. In a world that praises hard work, finding that the BEST way to manifest what you most want in your life is the way of allowing it to happen was perhaps the biggest wow. Why? Because until then, I had been programmed by society to see hard work as a virtue in itself. As a purpose in itself. And this is soo hard to live with because it gets you drained, early in life. And you feel inside your heart that… you believe it isn’t supposed to be THAT hard. Well, it has to be easy. Easy and legal and respectful of the nature and whole other creatures around us. Read and find out how!


As always, I ask: have you read it? Or anything similar? What stood out for you?


All the best!