Past lives: A great answer to “do past lives exist?”

Past lives: A great answer to “do past lives exist?”

Past lives. Do you feel a shiver reading these two words?


Until a few years ago, when I remotely encountered something like “are past lives real?”, I’d shut down. I turned off the TV, the book, magazine (actually throw away the magazine, because I have much more respect for books – those I would just stuck deep down in the stack). I was AFRAID of what I could discover. Maybe some monster would come out. Or I would die and be transported back in time. And what if I would have bad dreams?


You get it 🙂


But when the time was right,  magnetic attraction to it happened.

When I was ready. When I was prepared to accept and take that knowledge further.


I was is the library and I saw it. It spoke to me loudly! I even surrounded the display of books several times until I found the courage to pick it up and read the cover pages. “Only love is real” by Dr. Brian Weiss.


It was liberating reading it! Finally, some pieces of puzzle were joined together and I understood something! Yess! Again, I wasn’t crazy!! These things really existed! So there is such a thing as past lives.


We HAVE been here before.


This is why some foreign places feel so familiar when you see them the first time.

Perhaps this is why some of us are so gifted in learning really fast a foreign language.

And, most excitingly, this is why people dear to you feel like you have known them for a lifetime even if you recently started to know them!


Life couldn’t have brought me closer to a better master in researching the past lives topic as Dr Brian Weiss. He is an American psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, turned author. The story of how he studies past lives, by years and years of practice, with his patients is stunning and compelling.


For me, which I was skeptical for years regarding this topic, it helped a lot the fact that Brian Weiss was an “old school” researcher: Yale Medical School & Columbia University graduate, years of practice as a doctor, hundreds of patients; at some point, he had the revelation during the hypnotherapy sessions with one of his patients and he set on validating his impressions that these was past lives he was discovering by further researching conventional sources of information for an academic (that is, other scholars/doctors/professors that have encountered this phenomenon in their practice).


Brian Weiss writes very well: captivating, in an accessible language and for a medium level of understanding, you don’t need to be a psychiatrist to understand his work. The documentation and  dedication he put into it simply convinces me. But there is MORE. How does it.. Happen?


In his book, “Only love is real”, Dr Weiss describes the fascinating experience of having two patients at his hypnotherapy practice, a man and a woman, two people of different nationality that had never met each other. By working with both of them through regression, each one of them explored past lives. At some point, the amount of details recalled by each of the patients made Dr Weiss realise that those two had shared past lives together, in fulfilling romantic relationships. This is how Dr Weiss started exploring the occurence of what we call “soul mates”.


That information was wow to me!    


It is well worth reading the book or listening to it. It is revealing and soothing. For sure it will answer many questions about life, death, past lives, the space between lives :), masters, groups of souls, family of souls, regression, progression, therapy, finding yourself, healing your emotions, even finding answers about current life likes and dislikes, phobias, birthmarks and so on…


This is a great introduction, which will answer many questions you might have on the topic. It is not the only remarkable book that Brian Weiss wrote. I will develop on those. This one  just has this “glue” that is the nice center story which makes all the point be very clear and revealing.


Other books by Dr Brian Weiss that I’ve read are: Many lives, Many Masters and Same Soul, Many bodies. I will cover those in a different post.


May you have a great time reading it!