Unveil All You Need To Know about Past Lives, The Afterlife and Your Life Mission – Top Resources

Unveil All You Need To Know about Past Lives, The Afterlife and Your Life Mission – Top Resources

Top Resources to Unveil All You Need To Know about Past Lives, The Afterlife and Your Life Mission

Ha? What is that? Afterlife? Is there even such a thing as past lives? why does it sounds so fancy?

Have you ever wondered what is it with successful people out there, that they don’t admit they needed at one point some serious help? I mean, soul food, spiritual resources?

I’m going to become more specific about this.

While reading interviews with successful people, frequently they are being asked about the preferred books (most read/most gifted). In many other situations I find the same thing: successful people do not admit that they have been helped by spiritual books. Here it is. I said it.

Why would that be the case? Maybe none of them has found relief in what we call “spiritual” resources. Those books that are openly about soul, emotional pain, shadow work, energy healing, the link between spirit and manifestation. I may guess what possible scenarios there may be.

Perhaps they DO prefer the regular writing: fiction, analysis, biography, research (semi-academic). What all this kind of books have in common? They are not explicit. They use metaphors. Or they try to convey messages about spirituality, but only what could be proven and measured by human science. Some display only the conclusions of psychological research, in “lab” environments.

Books that are the sum of psychological research are great, don’t get me wrong. I do read and I do appreciate resources like that, and I’m going to mention my favourites: the trilogy: Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman; Super Genes: Unlock the astonishing power of your DNA for optimum health and well being, by Deepak Chopra M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D.; Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely; only to name a few. Also, I love the way he speaks with stories and metaphors – Paulo Coelho (I wrote about my favourite titles frm his work here).

But still, I sense the hesitant attitudes in being openly appraising of what I call spiritual materials. Instead, I see recommendations for those resources that speak to us indirectly. That do not reveal the whole information, from end to end. That do not even use the words afterlife, life mission or past lives. My issue with those is that they are not explicit and they do not convey the full picture of us. Somehow, I think that, maybe, they (people making recommendations) believe that we, the public, would be skeptical and dismissive of materials that are too revealing. And by rejecting from the start, we wouldn’t have even the benefit of getting that metaphor to make us wonder. I get that approach, and I see the good intention behind. Still, I believe there is room for more open to acknowledgement  of the real value of spiritual materials. Perhaps, if that happens, more people’s journey towards finding themselves would be shorter and easier.

I am going to point out the main areas where there could be more to say, and where else you can find resources for a full explanation.

Why am I doing this? Because it took me a decade to get all the information together, from hundreds of sources. I admit – had I had the chance to read them all at once – I wouldn’t have been prepared. But currently, when I find information in bundle, I appreciate it very much. If this article is for you, you will read it and appreciate it.

Let’s take them one by one.

First of all, the metaphor/allegory/research resources do not show the whole picture of the human psyche, how we are all connected. Who wrote about this? (in fact, which spiritual author didn’t?) Deepak Chopra, in numerous books. A good one (short and concise) for beginners is: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – this is pocket size; a gem! I have written more about it in this post.

Secondly, these materials do not explain why at times we are behaving irrational. That happens when the shadow passes at the wheel of our life. Again, authors who have written about shadow: Debbie Ford, particularly in The Dark Side of the Light Chasers; Nancy Levin in Worthy (I wrote about it here); Louise Hay in You Can Heal Your Life (also, I wrote about this book here) and many more; I will only mention my favourites, but as always I update if I find something really great.

Thirdly, they do not explain the “unusually extraordinary” sources of inspiration and creativity (sitting in silence to tap into the field of potentiality). The fact is, all incredible creations that have marked the becoming of mankind, have come in moments of silence. I am currently listening an audiobook, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey; this covers the daily habits of composers, authors and inventors in the past 300 years or so; all of them needed their time off! And ideas came to them in moments of silence.

Who wrote about this in a compelling way? Deepak Chopra in Synchrodestiny: Discover the Power of Meaningful Coincidence to Manifest Abundance in Your Life (amazing title, right?). Also, Eckhart Tolle in The Power Of Now (which is a source of inspiration for shadow as well, Eckhard calls this the pain body). An audiobook extremely well made for beginners and not only is Meditations for a New Earth by Kim Eng and Eckhart Tolle; they literally teach how to let go, relax and enter the higher state of consciousness.

Fourthly, the indirect resources don’t reveal the human body potential. We hear about extraordinary abilities to heal and repair that are attributed to drugs and supplements. Instead, they should reveal that the human body is a mirror of the emotional, energy and spiritual bodies; it mirrors the unseen. Fix the unseen, the non-palpable elements and the physical body follows.

An amazing example of this is Anita Moorjani’s Dying to be me. She reveals the story of how she recovered from stage IV cancer to a flourishing health, after passing through an near death experience (an NDE). Moreover, Louise Hay (I wrote about her work here) explains very well in You Can Heal Your Body how our body reflects our inner beliefs. Doreen Virtue has two great resources: Don’t let anything dull your sparkle (mostly about how nutrition and our daily activities are influencing our health and well being) and Nutrition for Intuition. The latter – as the title says, explains how the nourishment (input) we put into ourselves becomes the output: that it, what we create in our life.

On this topic, when I thought I had heard it all, I heard an interview with an author I have never heard about before. What he said was almost incredible. Curiosity drove me and I searched for the book and read it carefully over the several days. Medical Medium by Anthony William. The author explains how modern day illnesses are caused by intoxication with several chemicals, that store in our cells. He goes on and explains what you can do to achieve well being again, only by eating the right foods; without drugs, without surgeries.

I hope I gave you some clues here on where to find more information on your areas of interest. If there is some particular topic you would like to know more about, comment below and ask me; if I know, I’d gladly lead to a valuable resource.

All the best!