How To Get Life Advice from Super Successful People Today

How To Get Life Advice from Super Successful People Today

Life advice is something we all needed at some point in this lifetime.

If you clicked through this link and got to read this, I know at least this: you are the kind of person who works to become better!


Welcome here! Nice to meet you! I’m Bia and I’m a regular person, trying to become the best version I can imagine of myself.


If you’re like me, you weren’t born in a world where everybody had a I-can-do-it mindset nor a prosperity approach to life. You grew up being told that life is hard, mean – most of the time, that you’re not good enough as you are and in order to become something in life, you have to struggle! Well, at least that was my experience.


It was a looong way until I got to realise that I’m living the life in the poverty-humility play and that there exists such a thing as fulfilment-achievement-comfort play. I wanted to switch the paradigm, but it wasn’t as easy as… wishing. That was just the first step.


How did I manage to make the transformation? The answer for me was… reading books. Yep, that simple and unspectacular to read it, but so effective to apply it! Books have been for me an inspiration, a refuge, the light showing the “how to”, after I figured my “where to?” Or, as I said, in books I often found the wise grandpa I wish I had.


I’m going to show you a hack; it’s so simple, yet so disregarded today! We have an abundance of information going towards us – sometimes we don’t even understand which is valuable and which is not.


Here it is: You don’t need to personally have access to the cool, successful people you admire for inspiration and life advice; you need to access the information they are providing. It’s so simple that it seems dumb, right? But think about it: how many times, when you come across some really cool educational/inspirational material or when you meet in person some inspirational, you read that and you DO NOTHING? You change nothing. Even if you want a better yourself, you want a better tomorrow. You need to act at least with a first step.


The first step is the following: take 20 minutes per day – it can be before you go to sleep, when you commute, when you drink your coffee in the morning. Gift that time to yourself, with focus and awareness for the value of what you are doing. You are planting new seeds in the garden that is your mind. New ideas. The inspiration you are getting from reading is like a fertilizer. It helps. It’s not a useless task. It’s growing the “you” that you want to become, little by little, every day.


Coming back to why you came to read this post: How To Get Life Advice from Some of the Coolest, Most Successful People Today?

Well, read this book. It’s that simple! Read it when you’re in the right state to absorb the most of it. That is, to make the most of your time. Because this is worth it!

Yes, someone has put the effort into:

  • Thinking very smart questions;
  • Contacting some of the rising stars in their field of specialty;
  • Made them take the time and answer thoughtfully (it’s hard to do that!)
  • Carefully put everything together in a book filled with wisdom, inspiration, tips&tricks for self improvement and Aha moments generators.


That someone is Tim Ferriss and the book is Tribe of Mentors.


Why you need to read this book:


  • Sometimes you need to uplift yourself so you can make another step to achieve your dreams;
  • You crave a pat on the back from someone who’s been through your challenge, whether it’s in sports, opening or growing a business, investment, creative endeavors and so on;
  • You would feel blessed to receive life advice from someone who’s already made it in your field and has an experience you can relate to
  • You want to uncover tips and tricks on how to be better doing what you love: writing, competing, investing, researching – you name it!
  • You would love to get life advice in your Area of Interest to Validate You’re On the Right Track


Tribe of Mentors is a collection of interviews with more than 100 successful people, in various fields: athletes, Internet company investors, founders, writers, film industry professionals, famous bloggers.. A very diverse crowd.


You may think now: Ah, another self-improvement book! Is there any place under the Sun left for ANOTHER self improvement book? Aren’t there millions already? What else is there to be said? and by the way, didn’t Tim Ferriss wrote also Tools of Titans? what is different? 


Well… let me ask you this:


Do you personally know any of the 100+ mentors featured in the books?

If you do, what are your chances to actually have an hour of their time to talk about life and ask for life advice on how to become better?


I saw there are people dissing this book but that made me laugh. I wish I saw what they could answer to the two questions above. The point is: take what is valuable to you now – and be thankful for that.


Tim Ferriss actually mentions that, as with every other book, not everything is for you now, you’ll probably love up to 20% and appreciate the rest up to 70%.  


In the first day I read 10 interviews, and I must say I had pleasant surprises with the mentors featured. Some of them are very well known – like Maria Sharapova, Larry King, Arianna Huffington, Ben Stiller; some – you’ll probably know now. But all of them have in common one thing: they have climbed their own mountain and learned a lot from that and they are kind enough to share what they believe is most valuable as life advice.


Noteworthy bits and pieces from Tribe of Mentors:


  • “Life punishes the vague and rewards the specific ask. If you want uncommon clarity and results, ask uncommonly clear questions” – from Tim Ferriss, in the introduction, where he explains why he chose the same 10 questions for every guest and how he even phrased them in pursuit of clarity (and quality!)


  • Tim Urban, a great idea on how to define your core target – for you business oriented people out there: “ I was writing for a stadium full of replicas of myself”.


  • Something very fun: Larry King telling the story of how he got his name and true happenings from his first job on the radio; also, another mention for his first night coverage on the radio that you must read for yourself, I cannot disclose here, but totally made my day! made me think: OMG, weird things happen to all of us!


  • <3 <3 <3 “The genuine love for reading itself, when cultivated, is a superpower” <3 <3 <3: in response to the question: What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’re ever made?”  and “Play the hand that you’re dealt to the best of your ability” I put so many hearts because this coming from a guy whose profession is to invest a.k.a. make money proves that the love for books is not just a hobby of the nerds! Naval Ravikant, active angel investor


  • I also found inspiration in Gary Vaynerchuck’s story; he is living the American Dream digital-age-version, and I felt like I can relate to his story. What I loved: “Everybody’s impatient at macro and just so patient at micro, wasting days worrying about years” this is an answer to the question: What answer would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world?” – the answer is priceless. If you need that type of life advice, please read this.


I hope you’ll enjoy this to it’s value. It’s up to you. So, what are you going to do now?…

Correct Answer: At least, download a free sample on your Kindle and enjoy a treat of wisdom and productivity tricks. Or follow Tim Ferriss on his blog:  You’re welcome!


All the best!