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1. “the wind was blowing like in fairy tales, bringing the snowflakes on my face, while the tiny frozen
stars were turning to water drops on my skin”.

After reading this, you primarily:
2. Remember an ad that made an impression on you years ago -that you remember it to this day, to
something really popular, like a cola drink (or any favourite drink).

Did you primarily:
3. Think about your one of your favourite music video for a second.

Did you primarily experienced:
4. Read the following then pick the option that best describes your experience:

“The little girl opened the glass door without a barely noticeable sound and made three short steps
towards the main candy window. She looked at all the cake pops, dark chocolate biscuits, crinkels, red
and orange mousse cakes, cheesecakes with lemon glaze that were displayed behind the glass.

Then, with a slow voice, she asked the store clerk, like a prayer:

“Can I please have some biscuits?”

The woman left her trays for a moment and looked over the counter to see where this voice was
coming from. The little girl seemed to be either a beggar or the child of some poor people. She dind’t
have to treat that one like a regular customer. She replied dryly and as if scolding her.

“ That’d be half a quid. If you have no money, there’s no biscuits for you!”
5. Remember for a few seconds the last discussion that impressed you, one that you had with a good
friend, in the past year.


6. Think of a quote that made an impression on you, which you saw on the Internet - could be shared on Facebook, Instagram, emailed to you, or… on a status, on a book cover.
Imagine you need to hurry to get somewhere important. It’s a meeting that you absolutely don’t want to be late to. You’re in the doorway and you’re checking: I have my phone in the pocked: checked; I have my keys - checked; I have some change for the parking/ticket: checked; Now your phone starts ringing; you don’t have time to check now; you’ll answer after you exit the house, you’re in a hurry; now I’m looking around for my sunglasses… you shuffle among various stuff left near the entrance; where are they? Damn phone, still ringing… who’s insisting so early in the morning! I left them here; I so want my sunglasses, I’ll be traveling with the sun in my eyes all the time! You bend to check under the small table; Then a noise of something falling on the floor: your sunglasses were hanging on your shirt”

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