How to Work Smart so You Have More Free Time Than Working Hours

How to Work Smart so You Have More Free Time Than Working Hours

Incredible tools for working smart for  a freedom-loving lifestyle.

How about working on the beach! sounds good? yes, working – a little – and then walking or surfing – a lot! That’s possible!

I just came back with my feet on Earth after being in the cloud.. Listening to an amazing audiobook that made me every 9 to 10 minutes or so ask myself: “Why didn’t I think about this earlier?” or “Wow! I believed common folks didn’t have access to such things” or “Why didn’t I try this earlier?” and especially “I HAVE HAD THIS EBOOK ON MY COMPUTER FOR MORE THAN 3 YEARS!!! Why didn’t I read it then?” That is The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.


You may think that I use big words and I am easy to impress by roughly everything. However, it’s not just me who has been impressed by this book. It has been translated into more than 30 languages and was for 2 years in the bestseller list.


What I love about it:


  1. Extremely actual! It’s full of practical tips on how to do more with less struggle. How to live in this digital, modern day, when on the internet you are seconds away from people around the world. When you can buy, within a few minutes, from Argentina while you are located in Berlin. Also, when plane tickets cost under 100$ to fly thousands of miles.

2. Extremely applicable starting today! For example, only the tactics to manage your email communication are something I wish I had learned 10 years ago! Or the tactics to deal with people while working in an open space environment, where people come with un-urgent errands to you like people flock to Central Station ticket desk.

  1. Full of exact, step by step indications on how to use some tools that you believed are reserved only to the lucky few, born rich. Tim Ferriss is talking about: personal assistants and how to find incredibly educated, dedicated and effective people for a very affordable price (yes, such things do exist!). Also, he is talking about how to make money with you business in the developed markets (like the US) and spend it where they have much more value – like in Thailand, while living on a beach.


It’s something you haven’t heard until now. This is a book that hasn’t been written before. It is the roadmap from being overworked and overstressed to becoming one of the New Rich. In this decade, this means: having a passive source of income, working a few hours a week and dedicating your time to what matters most to you: your family? Your children? Travelling? Sports? Social volunteering?


In this book, the author presents the story of how he transformed his life. He started on a common (yet hard to achieve) path: graduating from an Ivy League University and entering the workforce. After that, getting to the point where he worked up to 15 hours a day. Also, becoming one of the people that provide the job description as self description. I quote: “I’ve been there and seen the destruction. This book reverses it”.


So what will you read in this book?


  • How to start delegating in a grand way!
  • How to find a Virtual Personal Assistant overseas; What to delegate, how to communicate and how to pay them.
  • How to use email communication so it will serve you, not “enslave” you to hours and hours of reading and communicating back and forth
  • Efficiency in business communication: how to cut it short and effective without being perceived as rude.. And also what the author calls The Art of Refusal!
  • How to manage your business… by not being there!
  • How to add into your life more mobility.
  • What are the mistakes you should avoid in this new kind of lifestyle.


… and so much more!


This book is something you definitely need to have; once you start reading, you will understand its value!


Have you read it? What did you take from it into your life?

I have just started applying the principles on email communication and interrupting the interrupters. (feels great!)


All the best!