What to eat to get well again: an amazing book!

What to eat to get well again: an amazing book!

What to eat to get well again? I want to write about this book, because I want as many people as possible to have access to this life changing information. I’m going to disclose from the start: it is by Anthony William,  Medical Medium book 2, Life Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love With the Healing Power of Fruits&Vegetables.


The information I found in this book is a turnaround (for the better). It is so different from what you will find from other authors, because the source itself is.. Well.. Spirit. A gift to humanity. Anthony William is receiving guidance from Spirit since the age of four. Since then, he has been taught how to recognize diseases in humans and animals (and even cause of defections in things). Also, Spirit has shared with him the knowledge regarding the enormous healing power of natural foods.


I read the first book last summer after discovering the first book: Medical Medium. I was blown away! Immediately after finishing that, I looked for the next book (the one covered in this post) and found tremendous value in this also. I had a prejudice that I wouldn’t find the second book really valuable, thinking that the most significant revelations had already been published. After all, what more can there be said about what to eat? I had another lesson for my misconceptions!


This book – Life Changing Foods is for you if:


  • You are interested in health and wellbeing, but don’t really find the motivation in you to eat clean;
  • You are confused by the various theories that are contradictory;
  • You don’t understand whether dairy is good for you or not;
  • You are convinced by media and mainstream knowledge of food that fish is good for us (Actually, not any longer, and this book will explain WHY);
  • You have been convinced that potatoes are bad for you;


It’s a book on nutrition, basically, but so much more! It covers the following topics:

  • What are mystery illnesses today;
  • The true causes of the explosion of modern day illnesses (hint: it is not stress, but rather poisons in various forms: radiation, toxic heavy metals, the viral explosion and DDT (the pesticide used until a few decades ago). This is not stuff you hear about on your regular newsfeed, isn’t it? Mine neither!
  • How our modern day life is addicted to adrenaline and how that is draining us and enhancing the rapid burnout, because, as Anthony William reveals: “too much adrenaline in the body is corrosive and toxic”.
  • Of course, what to eat to fuel yourself with something that GIVES YOU LIFE WITH EVERY BITE, as opposed to KILLING YOU SLOWLY BUT SURELY. The caps are from me, because I truly believe this message must stand out.
  • Something you certainly won’t find in what other authors have written: the spiritual lesson of fruits and vegetables. For instance, I loved the example of wild blueberries. Along with the fact that they nourish us in a benefic bio-chemical way, they transfer their properties such as the fantastic ability to adapt. Wild blueberries are the only plant growing on the soil where natural wildfire occurred! Also, he mentions that for these fruits, when they are frozen and stored for a later use, their nutritional value increases. This kind of information you find in this book. Is that amazing, or what?


The last part of the book, beyond the healing foods, is about topics of high interest for today’s world: fertility and the future of the human species. Also, there is a part about trends on health that are damaging our well-being but the part on foods that harm us (you’ll want to read this closely! – it will bust many health information you might have previously known). For those of you who are more keen on spiritual information, Anthony reveals which angels are closer to the humans. (!!!) I know this will be a premiere for most of you.  He explains in which specific way they ensure our well being – this is something I have personally not found anywhere else, although I follow other authors that write about angels, also.


Life Changing Foods is totally worth the time reading it, highlighting, taking notes, screenshots and so on. This is actually one of the titles for which I purchased both the paperback and the Kindle edition. With the ebook what’s awesome is that you can search by keyword 😉 in the app. For example: if you want to know what to eat so you alleviate “fatigue” you simply type this word in the Kindle app search box, and you’ll get all the paragraphs and links to where that word is mentioned. Same for “brittle nails”, “weight gain”, “hair loss”, “indigestion”… you get it! Imagine how you could search for the issue that concern you regarding your health, your partner’s, your parent’s and so on!


May this be to your best health! Read it and use your judgement to investigate more about your life; at least it can put you on a new track to try more healthy options for you and your loved ones.


All the best!


PS: the third book in the Medical Medium series goes more in-depth with one of the conditions exposed in the 1st book: Thyroid Healing. Again, when you wonder what else can he share with us, Anthony William makes humanity again a great service. He shows us what is behind many of the mystery illnesses of today. (I wrote about it here).