The Best Alternative Healing Book I’ve found so far!

The Best Alternative Healing Book I’ve found so far!

The Best Alternative Healing Book I’ve found so far! I’m so excited to be writing about a book that I purchased on the day of it’s launch and I have been waiting with so much curiosity! (Yay, I am so thankful we live in the age of Internet, affordable ebooks and online payments!)


I believe this book is one of the greatest gifts made to humanity. This is something everyone needs to read: men, women, teens, elders.. And especially if you’re caregivers! The content might be very useful for those you care about, if not for yourself right now.


So, very shortly, what is it all about?


First, let me ask you one question. Have you or any of your close ones (partner, parents or children) experience some of the following?

  • Fatigue, often diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Sleeping issues, such as inability to fall asleep, waking up tired, waking up at night and not being able to fall asleep again – and it’s not to be blamed on “stress” generically
  • Aches and pains – especially joints
  • Brain fog, memory loss and confusion
  • Bloating, digestion problems and constipation


If you did, then find what is the real cause of this issues! Why? Because this book goes deep in detail. And you will want to know,  because the number of people suffering is increasing very fast.The author estimates that in 20 years’ time, nearly 100% of the Globe population will be affected.


I don’t want to build on the doomsday scenario. What I do want to encourage you is to be informed, to understand what this condition IS and how can you reverse it.


This book on alternative healing is called Thyroid Healing and it is written by Anthony William. This is the 3rd book in the Medical Medium series. These reveal truths about the way our bodies function and the challenges we face that no one else is talking about!


Here I have to stop again and state: this is not your average alternative healing book on nutrition and well-being! The information revealed can really change your life for the better. You need to read it and realize what applies to yourself.


Thyroid Healing brings surprising information on the real cause of most modern chronic illnesses. It develops even more on the content developed for the first time in the book “Medical Medium –  Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal(by the way, this book is so appreciated by readers, that it became no. 1 bestseller on Amazon, on Health). As I wrote in a different post, I came across this book while I was looking for an answer to my symptoms, months after giving birth. I was extremely tired and no amount of sleep could fix me. I had trouble focusing about current issues that required thinking. My memory was failing me. And I could no longer bear the thought of feeling.. Old and powerless! And even stupid! I couldn’t bare this about myself. So I was looking for something and one day I found the answer.


Now, what’s so groundbreaking about this books anyway?


Let’s see: firstly, is the source of the information. Anthony William is receiving guidance from Spirit from as early as 4 years old, when he correctly diagnosed his grandmother with lung cancer (later confirmed by doctors). I wrote more in this post about this condition.


Secondly – is the content itself and the implications!

Anthony William explain how most of the symptoms we’re experiencing in modern days are indication of a viral infection. The author calls this the “thyroid virus” – which is scientifically known as the Epstein-Barr virus.

The consequences are as far ranging as stating some hard implications, such as:

  • This is the main cause why women develop chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or aches and pain after giving birth;
  • In one of the stages of the infection with this virus, it can localise in the prostate and cause prostate cancer for men
  • How millions of women suffer from hypothyroidism and don’t even know;
  • Transmission of this virus from parents to babies is the explanation why even babies develop eczema and psoriasis (and why doctors don’t know how to explain this)
  • What really is Hashimoto’s, Graves’ and how to treat this conditions;

What I love about the book, and I haven’t found in any other alternative healing book, so compelling:

  1. Your illness it’s not your fault. This is some new information among the New Age writers. Depending on how much you are informed on spiritual teachings, you may have become aware of the following information: Your thinking shapes your life. Your beliefs are the root of everything in your life. Or, most profoundly: It is you, with your conscious and unconscious thinking, that creates everything in your life: relationships, opportunities, hardships, ilnesses and even healing. With that in mind, many spiritual junkies out there might blame themselves for creating illness in their life. And while that has a seed of truth, Anthony William says this is not true. Why not? Because the conditions in which we’re living today are poisoning your lives: radiation, toxic heavy metals, the viral explosion and DDT. He wrote more on this in his book Life Changing Foods, which I’m going to cover in a different post.

2. Auto-immune disease, fatigue and unexplained weight gain finally explained! Anthony William explains in detail how these all are cause by an infection with a virus. The various conditions represent manifestations of the several stages of the Epstein-Barr virus infection. Also, he explains very well how inflammation is a symptom, not a root cause for many of the unpleasant states which we might be experiencing.

3.How to stop this! Yes, how to put this under control and reverse it! As Anthony’s source of information is Spirit, the knowledge he shares with us has not yet been discovered by medical research. So it is not applied yet, and we are being “treated” with old approaches, that don’t work, to say the least. In some cases, they further weaken the body, like in the case of treating Lyme disease with antibiotics.



As you may read here, you need at least to read them and compare with what other information you already have. Then, use your judgement and decide what applies to you and what information is worth using.

Have you read any of the Medical Medium books? So you know any other alternative healing book of this impact that is accessible to the wide public? If so, share with us in a comment!


All the best!