Where am I hurrying? And what am I doing in this life?

Fortunately, the answer has began to unfold, as I am partly creating it and partly it is being given to me.

Ever since I was 5 year old, I consciously was on a quest to learn as much as possible, to evolve, to know more, to find.. That.. Something! I couldn’t tell what, but I was living as if… I should hurry.

In my wondering and wandering, the answers appeared as pieces completing a beautiful puzzle, which I’m still working on. It’s not easy. And it’s not pleasant all the time. I am assembling the puzzle, piece by piece, day by day, for creating a peaceful, harmonious, and fulfilling life.

I hope to make your own seeking easier

In this blog I am gathering my opinions about what I have encountered in MANY resources: blogs, books, audiobooks, online courses and seminars.

I hope you find at least some clues that may take you one step closer to yourself.

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